Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hypertension: 10 tips to beat

High blood pressure or hypertension (HPT) in its medical term, is a condition that can affect us at any point in our lives. a slight elevation of blood pressure does not necessarily pose an immediate threat but an extended period of HPT increases the risk of heart and kidney disease, stroke and even blindness.

what makes HPT even more dangerous is that obvious symptoms are usually not present

so, how do you keep your pressure under control? here are some tips to follow:

  • eat a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, as this has been proven to protect against the complications of HPT
  • hold the salt! to flavour food substitute salt with herbs and spices instead. if you must have salt choose products with natural sodium content like liquid amino or sea salt
  • increase your intake of potassium-rich foods like bananas, potatoes and tofu which are heart friendly
  • eat cereals made off whole grains. these include oatmeal, barley and rye
  • exercise! just a brisk walk around your neighbourhood will do wonders for your heart and blood vessels
  • replace your morning coffee with tea
  • have a sweet tooth? opt for dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate
  • take supplements such as ginkgo and omega-3 oil
  • get enough sleep! a lack of sleep is said to contribute to high blood pressure.
  • smoking is a leading cause of heart disease-related deaths. so, remember that before you light up!

-source: HealthToday megazine

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Treasure Your Life

there is something vaster

than the wide open sky

and that is my LIFE

there is something deeper

than the fathomless sea

and that is your LIFE

there is something more precious

than all the treasures of the universe

and that is, our LIVES

excerpt from Peace - The Foundation for Lasting Human Happiness by Daisaku Ikeda

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shrek Forever After - twisted version

YEAY! ٩(●̮̮̃•)۶ there goes the start of my longing weekend..i m posted in Paediatrics P6 ward now for 2weeks, which basically means anotha long 5days ahead..huks, n actually my P6 days just started this morning, ouh my..wrong time, wrong place, i was stunned, i was hazed, all because of pre-HO-syndrome T_T
err..sorri wrong starting-line lolx as usual my weekend will be filled up with some xtra self-activities, ◕‿-

i didnt know that Shrek Forever After - twisted version ever exist. dontknow if this the original kinda muvie or not, but i would suggest u to go for it, its HILARIOUS n somehow touching also huks


35:24 - "TRY LOU BLISS" ..supposed to be TRUE LOVE KISS -donkey

01:05:17 - because i didnt know what i had until it was gone -shrek

01:15:15 - you know what the best part of today was?..i got the chance to fall in love with you all over again

you can download your copy here:
*hopefully the link is still available

" day one way, by night another, this shall be the norm, until you find true love's first kiss, and then take love's true form.."

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Asthma: Myths & Facts That You Need To Know

steroid should be the last resort in treating asthma

NO. inhaled corticosteroids are now the 1st choice for treatment of persistent asthma
: evidence from multiple studies showed that inhaled corticosteroids are more effective than any other agent in long-term asthmatic outcomes for patient with persistent asthma. therefore, inhaled corticosteroids are now the preferred therapy for patients with persistent asthma, including children below age 5.


steroids used in asthma medication will stunt growth

NO. children on inhaled corticosteroids will reach their normal adult height
: large studies have shown that children on inhaled corticosteroids reach their normal adult height. however, untreated asthma and the permanent damages to the lungs may have significant effect in reducing a child's growth.


inhaler medications are dangerous and addictive

NO. inhaled corticosteroids are not dangerous and are not addictive
: corticosteroids belong to the class of steroid hormones but are different from anabolic steroids used in body-building. you will not get addicted to inhaled corticosteroids even if you used it for many years. inhaled medication is preferred because they deliver drugs directly to the airways where they are needed. this enables a more localized and potent therapeutic action while minimizing systemic side effects.


inhaled corticosteroids don't do anything

NO. with daily use of inhaled cortic
osteroids, asthma control can be achieved.
: many patients prefer to use quick relief medication and neglect preventer/controller treatment because they feel that it doesn't work. be patient. it takes 2-3weeks of daily use before you would notice any difference.


it's better to tough it out' without taking asthma medication

NO. the inflammation may cause permanent damage to the lungs
: the lungs do not get stronger or better when it comes to asthma. if a person tries to work through an attack without medication, the inflammation may cause permanent damage to the lungs. always use medication according to your doctor's advice


asthma will go away by itself when i grow older

NO. asthma is a lifelong disease
: asthma is a lifelong disease that may improve, persist or worsen with age. patients may be asymptomatic (not having symptoms) for some time but symptoms can be return without warning


sports and physical activities make asthma worse

NO. Asthma should not interfere with physical activity
: physical activities should be part of everyone's life, including those with asthma. asthma should not interfere with physical activitiy; however, medication is recommended in order to participate fully. always check with your doctor first


reference: GINA, Global Strategy for Asthma Management and Prevention, updated 2009

12-M approach on how to avoid smoking addiction (KKM)

1. Melengah-lengahkan
: tunggu 5 mins atau katakan nanti dulu

2. Menarik nafas panjang
: tarik nafas 3x secara perlahan-lahan

3. Minum air
: minum air masak dan elakkan minuman berkafein

4. Menyibukkan diri
: buat sesuatu bagi mengalihkan fikiran untuk melupakan rokok

5. Menjauhkan diri
: dari tempat orang merokok

6. Mengelakkan diri
: dari suasana atau tempat orang merokok

7. Mengunyah sesuatu
: seperti gula-gula atau buah-buahan. elakkan yang manis

8. Membasuh tangan

9. Mandi dgn kerap

10. Meregangkan otot
: lakukan senaman regangan apabila rasa mengantok

11. Meditasi

12. Memohon doa
: berdoa agar dikuatkan azam dan tingkatkan usaha

Saturday, November 6, 2010

chickenpox: medically n traditionally treatment (=

oke, as some of u might already know, i've been through this experience once, its about a month ago..i was down with chickenpox and lately as the
above link brought u to our Prime Minister which also had the same kinda infection.

aite, i m not here to discuss on medical aspect of chikenpox point of view but as the topic of this kinda entry suggested, its something that u might not know about chickenpox. its more toward my experience with varicella..if u wanna know in detail what i can suggest of:

or any kinda related readings. if its happened to be so medically-term kinda language, i m more than glad to help u guys with layman-translation.

i wouldnt say from whom me did contract this thing from, because as in some medical kinda profession, sooner or later i will somehow or rather get the disease. hey~~~ its immunity for life whut, ehehe..i've been treated medically n traditionally .

for medical part, all u need is these 4items on getting rid of chickenpox:

1. acyclovir *this is the drug name itself* u can find it at ur nearest pharmacy using these names | virless | zovirax | etc the drug company name

virless (acyclovir 800mg)

800mg taken for 5times in a day for at least 5 to 7 consecutive days
action: kill the varicella virus
what me found out:
a. YEAH! it works, definately it slows down the chickenpox progression
b. one tablet cause u about rm10/~ (╥_╥)
simple fact: antibiotic is only for bacterial infection, n it wont work on virus like varicella or others, use anti-Viral (=

2. anti-histamine (clorpheniramine aka piriton)

piriton (clorpheniramine maleate)

usually doc will prescribe u either TDS (3times daily) or PRN (when needed)
action: this is for the itchiness
what me found out:
a. it helps! but i just couldnt bear the sedative effect..hell NO zZz
simple fact: usually doc will prescribe this for any allergic-type of reaction, but u have to be careful for this drug sedative properties. if u cant tolerate theres thing like citrizine, loratadine *which is also anti-Histamine but without or less-Sedative one*

3. panadol (paracetamol)

panadol (paracetamol)

its for your fever part.
500mg..two tablets once, usually its prescribe as PRN (when needed) basis.
simple fact: a wonderful drug which u can use for anything lolx if u know whut i mean, basically use for fever and pain. from what me knew, it can be taken even with an empty stomach

4. calamine lotion

calamine lotion

this is for the external use definately not for drinking
action: this is for the itchiness as well, reduce the intensity
what me found out: it helps! *err, i guess all medically proven stuff helped* =P

oke thats the medical part.
here goes the traditional side, for chickenpox n since the traditional usually means only available to the locals, err..actually i m not so sure bout the available term n what they called it in english of certain traditional stuffs, lolx >_<" y ..i guess i'll use another language of mine, malay. if u happened not to understand the meaning, u can always knock on my door for asking (=

1. air kelapa

coconut (air kelapa)

diorang ckp klau minum air kelapa neh bole kasi keluar sume ruam2 chikenpox tuh lagi cepat, plus dia gak leh turunkan suhu badan tuk demam

2. daun kangkung

daun kangkung

org ckp daun neh letak dalam tempat mandi yang bertakung e.g kolah n all, elakkan family2 laen dri berjangkit

3. daun mambu

daun mambu

klau xtau yg mana satu just tanya org lama2 pasti tau (=
daun neh actually tuk ilang kan gatal2 yg dirasai tuh..cara dia just pukul kat badan guna daun tuh

4. sup ayam

sup ayam

ada certain kata elok makan, tpi ada certain kata xelok makan sebab nnti lagi tambah gatal.

then bila dah baek, suma ruam2 chickenpox tuh dah kering, dah luruh, just tinggal parut je then upacara berbedak pon dilakukan, guna bedak sejuk + daun asam. seluruh badan (= i wouldnt upload my pix with all these..ouh my~~~ looks like hulk!

daun asam

bedak sejuk

5. mandi dgn air beras pulut hitam jgakk..diorg ckp xlekat parot dah kalo kena ujan =P

pantang larang semasa chickenpox:

1. jangan sesekali kena hujan apa ntah lagi maen ujan hoho~ nnti ape ekk org ckp bhsa kedah panggil mereneh, kira lagi terok laa rash tuh.

hoho~ gambo neh xde kena mengena dgn kump hujan, its actually the real ujan =P

2. kicap aka toyu ahaha klau tak nnti parot lekat kat badan, xilang2


i guess thats conclude my entry this time. basically all u need to do is frequent shower, treat medically n traditionally *worth-a-try*, rest a lot, u'll be oke in next 2 weeks time (=
anything more burning enquiry u are most welcome to ask me yeah..cheers!