Monday, May 2, 2011

i m sorri, truly am

just a simple entry to let u know that me really am regret..sorri~

i m sorri, i dont mean whut i said, sometimes when i'm with u, it's just it..i dont really think whut i typed, simply said, and i'm not expecting u wud react n wud feel bad bout it..

i m sorri, u know whut, when i am with u, i just feel so comfortable, wanna know why? because u made it as suxch..i just have to be me when u're around..

i m sorri, i really do luv n grateful to have u on-line there (da xde tempat laen kot da) althou i do realize that when we're together time flies (i know u wud too) thats just the exact reason why i do feel guilty when u're attached to me for quite some period of time..

i m sorri, whut-to-do one, chatting with you is just soooo addictive, and teasing u made my day! lol whut i'm trying to say is actually i miss u, hanging out with u, having u there, sooooo supportive towards mine..

so yeah! i m sorri, truly am~

dont change anything just because of whut happened tonite oke? one more thing, if u think it's the BEST for u, then it really IS..

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