Saturday, January 1, 2011

off connection mode: pray for me

i m now at my home, thinking of writing something/updating blog because this might be my final night of leisure-ing, with faceBook, game-ing, tv, astro-ing chit-chat-ing n blogging etc.

i m gonna OFF connection from faceBook, activities, n other non-important not-related for exam thingy due to my final professional MBBS exam which will start on 21st of mac 2o11.

so here i m taking this opportunity to say i'm SORRi for any harsh word that might make u hurt & any unintentional action that might make ur heart wound..SORRi too if i did post something esp on my faceBook wall that make u uncomfortable out of it, believe me, i would never want that to happen its a total coincidence, as i was saying earlier i do treat my fb as my online diary...

thanks to all my supportive family&friends, please do pray for me k, i'll try my very very BEST on bringing back the license to kill aka Dr title in front of my name..its all that i've ever wanted for all these years. mama abah, family n friends, this is for u . . .

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eddy syrol said...

just wanna drop a few words here..hehhee..

ermm..beratnyer blog... :P tp lawa