Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a simple thot' for u~

effort brings success,

whatever your pursue, your best efforts to gain knowledge and experience will give you an advantage that others will lack
the simple truth is that success is earned . . .

the people who really succeed are those who give extra effort and push themselves beyond their limit

i miss yaa much ♥~
i'll always remember u from the day we've met, 2oo4


Mukhlis said...

miss aku ke? awhhhh =D

Shin Ashruff Abdullah said...


Fikri Fishoul said...

thanks for dropping by guys~

muklis : da start da! haha...aah! laa weh aku miss ko! (serius aku tipoo doh) ehehe...~

uncle shin busuk : erm. its from my childhood form 5 love stori lol i was left stranded with just memories intact along n a poem dedicated to me~ ='(

NUke_Rude said...


aku rasa aku tau sapa. haha.

Anonymous said...

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Fikri Fishoul said...

nuke rude : ehh~~~ HAHA. diam diam sudaa xD huhu~ xD

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