Saturday, October 30, 2010

if i ♥ you, i should let you move on.. (╯︵╰,)

..i want t0 remind u, it was the 1st time that i saw u, i've never seen anything s0 perfect, i remember thinking that i had t0 have y0u or i'd die, then u whispered that u loved me, n i felt s0 peaceful n safe bec0s i knew that n0 matter what happened, fr0m that day onwards, n0thing can ever be that bad bec0s i had u..

..then uh..that day i l0st my way..i've d0ne n said s0mething which i wud neve eve f0rgive myself day, i realized h0w stupid i was t0 d0 all th0se, it's u wh0 keeps my life intact with0ut falling's u wh0 makes me laugh thr0-out the day alth0 it's the saddest day u've ever had..all i ever want n0w is u! only u can fill up my emptiness but I guess...if I love you, I should let you move on..


Ayyatul Husna said...

dun easily give up..who knows she will be there again for u..
only ALLAH n times will determine everything..
i was once felt d was long2 time ago..years back then...
i suffered a lot til now...
his shadow keeps haunted me that i've no feelings towards others...sigh...what else i could do...just have faith n b strong..

Fikri Fishoul said...

nak nanges jap T_T *seriously, thats just soooo true =)

ameen~ lets keep holding on thro time then~