Saturday, November 6, 2010

chickenpox: medically n traditionally treatment (=

oke, as some of u might already know, i've been through this experience once, its about a month ago..i was down with chickenpox and lately as the
above link brought u to our Prime Minister which also had the same kinda infection.

aite, i m not here to discuss on medical aspect of chikenpox point of view but as the topic of this kinda entry suggested, its something that u might not know about chickenpox. its more toward my experience with varicella..if u wanna know in detail what i can suggest of:

or any kinda related readings. if its happened to be so medically-term kinda language, i m more than glad to help u guys with layman-translation.

i wouldnt say from whom me did contract this thing from, because as in some medical kinda profession, sooner or later i will somehow or rather get the disease. hey~~~ its immunity for life whut, ehehe..i've been treated medically n traditionally .

for medical part, all u need is these 4items on getting rid of chickenpox:

1. acyclovir *this is the drug name itself* u can find it at ur nearest pharmacy using these names | virless | zovirax | etc the drug company name

virless (acyclovir 800mg)

800mg taken for 5times in a day for at least 5 to 7 consecutive days
action: kill the varicella virus
what me found out:
a. YEAH! it works, definately it slows down the chickenpox progression
b. one tablet cause u about rm10/~ (╥_╥)
simple fact: antibiotic is only for bacterial infection, n it wont work on virus like varicella or others, use anti-Viral (=

2. anti-histamine (clorpheniramine aka piriton)

piriton (clorpheniramine maleate)

usually doc will prescribe u either TDS (3times daily) or PRN (when needed)
action: this is for the itchiness
what me found out:
a. it helps! but i just couldnt bear the sedative effect..hell NO zZz
simple fact: usually doc will prescribe this for any allergic-type of reaction, but u have to be careful for this drug sedative properties. if u cant tolerate theres thing like citrizine, loratadine *which is also anti-Histamine but without or less-Sedative one*

3. panadol (paracetamol)

panadol (paracetamol)

its for your fever part.
500mg..two tablets once, usually its prescribe as PRN (when needed) basis.
simple fact: a wonderful drug which u can use for anything lolx if u know whut i mean, basically use for fever and pain. from what me knew, it can be taken even with an empty stomach

4. calamine lotion

calamine lotion

this is for the external use definately not for drinking
action: this is for the itchiness as well, reduce the intensity
what me found out: it helps! *err, i guess all medically proven stuff helped* =P

oke thats the medical part.
here goes the traditional side, for chickenpox n since the traditional usually means only available to the locals, err..actually i m not so sure bout the available term n what they called it in english of certain traditional stuffs, lolx >_<" y ..i guess i'll use another language of mine, malay. if u happened not to understand the meaning, u can always knock on my door for asking (=

1. air kelapa

coconut (air kelapa)

diorang ckp klau minum air kelapa neh bole kasi keluar sume ruam2 chikenpox tuh lagi cepat, plus dia gak leh turunkan suhu badan tuk demam

2. daun kangkung

daun kangkung

org ckp daun neh letak dalam tempat mandi yang bertakung e.g kolah n all, elakkan family2 laen dri berjangkit

3. daun mambu

daun mambu

klau xtau yg mana satu just tanya org lama2 pasti tau (=
daun neh actually tuk ilang kan gatal2 yg dirasai tuh..cara dia just pukul kat badan guna daun tuh

4. sup ayam

sup ayam

ada certain kata elok makan, tpi ada certain kata xelok makan sebab nnti lagi tambah gatal.

then bila dah baek, suma ruam2 chickenpox tuh dah kering, dah luruh, just tinggal parut je then upacara berbedak pon dilakukan, guna bedak sejuk + daun asam. seluruh badan (= i wouldnt upload my pix with all these..ouh my~~~ looks like hulk!

daun asam

bedak sejuk

5. mandi dgn air beras pulut hitam jgakk..diorg ckp xlekat parot dah kalo kena ujan =P

pantang larang semasa chickenpox:

1. jangan sesekali kena hujan apa ntah lagi maen ujan hoho~ nnti ape ekk org ckp bhsa kedah panggil mereneh, kira lagi terok laa rash tuh.

hoho~ gambo neh xde kena mengena dgn kump hujan, its actually the real ujan =P

2. kicap aka toyu ahaha klau tak nnti parot lekat kat badan, xilang2


i guess thats conclude my entry this time. basically all u need to do is frequent shower, treat medically n traditionally *worth-a-try*, rest a lot, u'll be oke in next 2 weeks time (=
anything more burning enquiry u are most welcome to ask me yeah..cheers!


Hati Riang said...

abg selalu amalkan pokok pandan letak dlm kolah. sebaik ja dengar ada jiran dah kena cikenpox, masukkan satu pokok kecik Pandan dalam kolah mandian dlm bilik air. kalau x der kolah, masukkan je dlm baldi dan gunakan air dlm baldi tu untuk mandi tiap hari. Insyaallah x kena pykt yg sgt ditakuti tu. tapi ada org kata, tiap org pasti kena juga at least sekali seumur hidup.

Fikri Fishoul said...

quoted, "pykt yg sgt ditakuti tu"

fuyooo..haha, aah! at least akan kena once in ur entire life..n the immunity u gain forever it lasts (=

Fikri Fishoul said...

ouh tqqq abg azzam for the sharing as well (=